ESN's central partner and stakeholder is the Erasmus Unit within the European Commission. Over the years, ESN has actively assisted in shaping and executing the new Erasmus+ program, leading to a significantly strengthened and productive collaboration with the European Commission. 

European Commission

ESN's partnership with the European Commission (EC) is marked by a strong sense of mutual respect and trust, yielding benefits for both parties. Among European institutions, the EC holds a prominent position as our most significant and closely aligned partner. This alignment is rooted in our shared commitment to facilitating mobility programs.
ESN's continuous efforts to enhance and advocate for the Erasmus+ Programme make our collaboration primarily focused on the Higher Education and Erasmus Unit. Both parties share a common goal: leveraging the new program to advance and expand mobility opportunities for higher education students throughout Europe.

Council of Europe 

The Council of Europe, consisting of 47 nations, actively promotes human rights and democracy, making it the preeminent human rights organization in Europe. Within its membership, 28 countries are part of the European Union. Importantly, all member states of the Council of Europe have endorsed the European Convention on Human Rights, a crucial treaty safeguarding human rights, democracy, and the rule of law.
ESN is represented in the Advisory Council on Youth (AC) of the Council of Europe through one Liaison Officer, acting on behalf of the European Youth Forum. This council comprises 30 delegates from youth NGOs and networks, who contribute opinions and insights on various youth-related matters. This engagement allows ESN to actively participate in shaping youth policies and the policymaking process.